Las Vegas
There are two very different sides to Las Vegas which is great news for travellers who are nervous about their first time in the city of lights, it means you are bound to enjoy one of its faces. So Vegas is born from a great deal […]
tuk tuk
So an unfortunate truth of travelling and tourism, in general, is that there are scores of people willing to part you from your sometimes limited cash. Here are some common scams to avoid. I don’t want money, I just need milk. This seems a pretty simple […]
If you are from the western world or surrounding areas you may have a specific understanding of the concept of personal space. Typically unless close to people you keep a circle of about an arm’s length around your person at all times, but with those close […]
If you love a bargain or finding yourself a one-off vintage item then pack a bag and head to Toronto. This metropolitan city with its high-rise towers and slick financial district is home to some of the best fashion finds in the world. If new is […]
Asian drinks
Singapore Sling (Singapore &   Malaysia) – typically made using gin, cherry liquor, Cointreau, pineapple juice, grenadine, Dom Benedictine and bitters, this cocktail packs and punches and offers a little slice of history. The drink was created in 1915 in Long Bar, Raffles Hotel, Singapore; during a […]
Located on the South-East coastline of the UK is Portsmouth, a historic naval city with bags full of warships, forts and architecture. This history accounts for 90% of its tourism but beneath the surface of this historical hub is a vibrant nightlife and fantastic dining experiences. […]
Like most places in the world when tourism comes along authenticity can be lost, however, Mexico has, by plan or chance, managed to preserve a part of itself and can offer both party and authentic passion to tourists and travellers. Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Mexico […]
Florida gator
If you are taking a trip to Florida then why not stop by the Florida Wetlands and make pals with some alligators. There are several alligator reservoirs dotted along the road from Miami to Key West and some of the more ramshackle reservoirs make for the […]
It becomes pretty apparent pretty quickly who is a tourist and who is a traveller. Here’s a guide to the obvious traveller wear in case you want to fit in or avoid and make your own path… Worn out beer tank tops (men) – probably because […]
When you propose to go travelling a tonne of people will volunteer their time to travel with you for the whole or part of the journey. After the weeks pass by and your dream begins to look like a certainty you’ll probably find most of your […]
If you want to experience real cosmopolitan Welsh life then a visit to the country’s vibrant capital city is a must. From partying to tonnes of Victoria history, castles, shopping and markets there’s something for everyone but the true jewels are the welsh people you will […]
Maybe you are travelling for the first time or maybe you are a veteran of the travelling gig, in either case, your travel essentials will probably be largely the same. Although if it is your first time you’ll probably take the essentials and then another bag’s […]
I’m one of those people who pays for Tinder. Let me explain myself. 2 months ago I was about to set off on the first leg of my solo trip of a lifetime. My plane was leaving in a few days and my plan was still […]
Free Accommodation – the holy grail of travel. Second only to free flights, and as far as I know, you only get those if you have fancy frequent-flyer miles to use up. If you’re a shoestring traveller or backpacker like me, I’m sure you will have […]
Booking your flights is simultaneously the most exciting and stressful part of planning a trip. More often than not it marks the moment that you truly decide you’re going to go; once you click confirm there’s no going back on your adventure, not unless you want […]
I arrived in Siam Reap late in the evening after fourteen hours of travel, with not much of a plan other than my $1 hostel reservation and the knowledge that I had to see the temples. After wandering around for a while and avoiding a few […]

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