The Kupongo Chrome extension lets users gain access to coupon and voucher codes without the hassle of searching for them. The add-on displays coupons and voucher codes when visiting a website if any are available.

Most of your work will be related to the Kupongo extension and will usually be adding of coupon codes, vouchers, and other helpful information for our users.

Training will be provided

 £28.2K – £37.4K a year

You will ensure that the obtained data like coupon codes have been verified for any deficiencies and errors, and report errors found to the relevant parties. The ideal applicant will be a great addition as well as a team player, results-driven, and determined to meet deadlines.

Responsibilities and functions

  • Rectify data duplicates, errors, and mismatched data.
  • Collect coupon codes, vouchers, and other helpful information for our users
  • Escalate complicated problems, data deficiencies, and incomplete data to the team supervisor.
  • Always maintain the confidentiality of users and account records.
  • Ensure data and files are easy to track through arranging and sorting completed work.
  • Always ensure that all work is backed up and filed.

Competencies and skills

  • Be diligent and tenacious.
  • Be a positive addition to the team and be driven by success.
  • Always maintain the highest level of accuracy while multi-tasking.
  • Remain focussed in a highly pressured environment.
  • Adhere to and meet deadlines.


    To apply for this job you need to download Kupongo. For more info see
    Kupongo (the link opens in a new window).

    Unfortunately, we do not accept applications from people who do not use Google Chrome as a browser as some of the work is done via the Kupongo extension.